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What happens if our flight is cancelled?

Your balloon flight may be rescheduled during the festival or refunded. However, you must go to the ballooning box office to schedule a discount or receive a refund.

If I just want to participate in a flight, but do not want to attend the shows, is it the same price?

Yes, the price remains the same.

What are the unfavorable conditions for a flight?

No or too strong winds (more than 12 km/h), rain and thunderstorm cells within a 50 km radius are unfavorable conditions for take-off. 

Sometimes the conditions do not seem favorable during the hours preceding the flight and the flight still takes place. The opposite is also likely. Flight directors (balloonmeisters) analyze the weather conditions before each flight, in order to give their authorization. 

Please note that a late take-off time may affect the duration of the flight. Depending on the decision of the balloonmeisters, each pilot is responsible for his flight and can decide to fly or not, depending on the conditions.

How long does a flight last?

We cannot guarantee the exact duration of the flight, as it depends on the weather conditions at the time of take-off. However, a flight lasts approximately 1 hour. As a passenger, you should allow 3 to 4 hours for the total duration of the activity, which includes meeting the pilot, setting up the equipment and inflating, the flight, landing, packing up the equipment and returning to the departure point.

Why do the flights take place in the early morning or late afternoon?

Hot air balloons can fly because warm air is lighter than cold air. On summer days, when the sun warms the earth, a phenomenon occurs that creates hotter or cooler zones and wind vortices that represent a risk for hot-air balloons. By flying very early in the morning and at the end of the day, the earth is sufficiently cold and thermal phenomena are practically absent, which allows us to fly safely.

How high does a hot air balloon fly?

A hot air balloon flies on average around 2 to 3000 feet of altitude, but may sometimes have to go to more than 6000 feet to find a wind with a more favorable direction and speed. It is also possible to fly at less than 1000 feet, or even at the top of the trees of a forest, to give a totally different view of the landscape.

Is it possible to direct a hot air balloon?

The short version is that it is impossible to steer a hot air balloon.

The long version is that a pilot is able, in some way, to steer his balloon according to the altitude and the winds.

Do you experience vertigo when in a hot air balloon?

This is not a phenomenon that exists, since the basket is very stable, which makes it comparable to the sensation of flying in an airplane. However, it is important to take into consideration that the perception of height is real, and that for people who are uncomfortable in tight spaces, the basket can be a hindrance.

What is the temperature during a flight?

Approximately, we lose 2 degrees Celsius for every 1,000 feet of altitude. So if it is 20 degrees Celsius on the ground, it will be about 18 degrees Celsius at 1,000 feet, and so on. Also, since the balloon is moving at the same speed as the wind, you will hardly feel the wind factor during the flight.

How many people can fit in a basket?

Many factors influence the number of people allowed on board, so we cannot guarantee anything. In order to maximize the chances that we can accommodate your requests, we recommend that you arrive as soon as the kiosk opens, either at 4:45 am or 4:00 pm, depending on when your flight takes place.

Is it possible to choose your balloon?

No, however, we ask passengers to specify on the reservation form the languages that are understood and spoken, in order to facilitate the assignment to a pilot.

Where should we go?
What clothes should I wear?

Depending on the time of your flight, it may be cool, there may be dew or mosquitoes. Remember to dress accordingly. In addition, you will be on your feet for the duration of the flight, so remember to wear comfortable shoes that give you good mobility.

Can we bring a video or still camera?

Of course! We strongly encourage you to bring a camera so you can capture this magical moment.

Where do we land?

It's impossible to predict accurately. The strength and direction of the wind tells the pilot where you are headed, but nothing more. Usually, the landing takes place in a field near a road or path to facilitate recovery.

How do you come back from the flight?

Thanks to the tracking teams. One team follows the balloon from the moment it leaves and stays in communication with the pilot throughout the flight. Upon landing, they help the pilot pack up the envelope and return the equipment to the trailer. Everyone then returns to the chase vehicle, back to the starting point in the chase vehicle. 

In order to fully enjoy your flying experience from start to finish, you can offer to help pick up the balloon. If you feel comfortable, we invite you to ask the pilot if he needs a hand! However, this is by no means mandatory.

When will the program be unveiled?

You can now consult the programming section to discover the artists who will be with us for the 2023 edition!

If an artist cancels for any reason, will I receive a refund?

No. All performances at the festival are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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