We bring people together, fill them with wonder and create unforgettable moments. Every gesture we make in terms of sustainable development is part of our desire to enable future generations to fully enjoy these moments of pure happiness shared with friends and family!

We have achieved level 2 of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec standard for responsible event management for the organization of the 2023 edition of the International Balloon Festival of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. This event was classified by the Réseau des femmes en environnement and its Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables.

already in place

  • Reuse, year after year, of decor elements manufactured on site;
  • Encourage the use of reusable materials;
  • Use of an electric trailer to refrigerate products instead of a gasoline-powered generator;
  • Prioritizing local suppliers for all our purchasing and service contracts;
  • We provide all our employees and volunteers with a reusable bottle;
  • Waste and recycling management system on the festival site;
  • We use e-mail for the majority of our communications with volunteers, employees and festival-goers;
  • Encourage public transport by informing festival-goers and volunteers of the various options available;
  • A shuttle bus is available from Terminus Brossard-Panama to encourage public transport;
  • Encouraging sustainable modes of transport by providing festival-goers with bike racks;
  • Installation of water fountains and coolers to prioritize reusable bottles and refills;
  • Use of reusable crockery for the meal tent (volunteers, drivers and staff) and dressing rooms;
  • Development of partnerships with organizations, hotels and major attractions in the region;
  • Recruitment and hiring of local employees;
  • We continue to offer affordable rates for families;
  • We offer an accessible site for people with reduced mobility;
  • We offer local citizens and low-income organizations the opportunity to volunteer or reintegrate into society, and provide them with monetary compensation;
  • Encourage the active participation of artists in the region's arts, culture and heritage;
  • We offer employees, volunteers and festival-goers a working environment and site that promote well-being and safety.

In 2022

We proceeded to electrify our operations. Previously, we used diesel-powered generators to keep our operations running smoothly before, during and after our event.

Thanks to the collaboration of the City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, we were able to develop permanent and removable equipment, enabling us to connect to Hydro-Québec's high-voltage line.

This shift to renewable energy has already enabled us to reduce our emissions by 100 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to 100 round trips between Montreal and Paris or 600,000 km by car.

Environmental benefits:

  • Reducing our GHG emissions;
  • Eliminate the risk of fuel spills when filling generators.

Social benefits:

  • Provision of the expertise needed to complete this project;
  • opportunity for other industry players to follow suit.
  • Portable equipment;
  • available in case of emergency (capacity to supply 115 homes);
  • available as part of our activities as an event facilitator.
  • Access to the power grid will enable the development of future projects at the airport.

Economic benefits:

  • Our investments in Hydro-Québec are then redistributed by the government in the form of various services offered to Quebecers;
  • We do business with local suppliers: Lignes STE and Électro Performance.

initiatives 2023

  • We have achieved level 2 of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec standard;
  • Use of Cupko for all our bar services;
  • Accreditation and wristband recovery project;
  • Can consignment project;
  • Project to introduce compost bins;
  • Creation of a green committee;
  • Development of a five-year plan to maximize our sustainability efforts.

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